Saturday, April 17, 2010

Week2, 14th April

En. Sharif explained to me how the power plant is operated and the function of a tap changer in the transformer. it is a good additional knowledge to me.

The PM that needs to do today will be carbon brush PM inspection. The instruction is check carbon brush and air filters. The carbon brush needs to be replaced when the measurement is less than 60mm. A normal carbon brush is 100mm long.

Abang Fadzli is taking out the old carbon brush

Abang Fadzli is installing the new carbon brush

On the left is the new carbon brush while on the right is the used carbon brush

Due to the installation of ventilation fan yesterday, the PM for water treatment plant motor PM is done today. It is required to check the on load current, insulation resistance, bearing vibration and body temperature.

Besides the PMs, the condenser fan motor for air condition 1B at center control room also not function. Hence, we need to go to do the checking. Further checking had been done and found out that the condenser 1 motor winding is short circuit and wire for condenser 2 that connect to neutral is disconnected. After the adjustment and install the new motor, both the condenser is functioning.
Mr. Tan is connecting the wire with the neutral ground wire

Abang Fadzli and Mr. Tan are installing the new motor for condenser 1

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