Friday, April 23, 2010

Week 3, 19th April

In the morning, we had been instructed by En. Sharif to install a new streetlight near the guard house as the old light had defect. A skylift track is used to bring us up. The process of installing did not go as smoothly as expected. After taking out the old light, the wires that connect the circuits went into the hole of the post. We need to use a long wire to pull it out and it wasted a lot of time. After the wire successfully taken out, the installation process went smoothly and testing is done. The light is function and job done.

Abang razak is taking out the old light.

The new light had installed.

In the afternoon, I and abang Razak were required to do the cathodic protection system preventative maintenance. We need to take the reading of control reference setting which is 1 connect resistance side and 1 at ground side and measure the voltage. For anode performance, it also requires to take the voltage reading which can directly take from the screen.

During the free time, I also taken the opportunity to check the steam turbine generator transformer protection relays at steam turbine generator control panel. This is the assignment given by Sri Daran. I had been ordered to check the relay whether it is in the list and at the side and the quantity must be correct too. Besides that, I also able to check the 6.6kV/415kV switchgear panels at switchgear room for steam turbine. Same process for gas turbine protection relays.
Calibration of protection relays at EDG

6.6kV switchgear panels

415V switchgear panels

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