Thursday, April 1, 2010

TeNJi BuFfeT & EnD oF SeM

woohoo...finally this sem ended and i finally write something on my blog. the last time i posted is about 5 months ago...wakaka

exam time = save money time...this time realy can save a lot money coz no entertainment, no outing, no shopping...everyday at home, just spend money on daily expenses, even the patrol also can save a lot ==

but once finish exam, i decided to go to tenji since it is rm49.90 for the supper session tat start from 9.30pm-12.30am...P.S: i had hoped long enough for this tenji buffet and actually plan it before the exam finish...

in the end..only me, isaac and shengji went for the buffet..others really cant hope that much...shengji and isaac really steady, say go then sure go, wont think so much de...the way to tenji really hard as 3of us never go before...wakaka, tats y we went as early as 7.30pm and reach there about 9.00pm...i think next time no need go so early, coz it is not that hard to reach la.(with the help of GPS) ==

3 malatlou at tenji

tenji is at mount kiara...nice place, nice environment, nice night view and the most important point..NICE FOOD...and it is definitely better than and shengji keep say the food at there reli nice..haha...even the ice cream got 3 types..baskin31, haagan-dazz, and kindori...all are marvelous, but due to too full, i taste little bit and cant finish at all...== feel so sinful for wasting so much food T.T

all the desert at here(not include ice cream o)

Conclusion, tenji is definitely much much better than jogoya and i will go there again (if the price is right)...wakaka


  1. finally update! haha :D
    tenji is better than jogoya?i nv went ther be4 but i heard many ppl say jogoya is better wo..
    nvm nvm..i wan to join u next time when u go~~ :D

  2. shengji steady???!!! shock!
    he is the most famous 飞机王!wahahahaha~

  3. qian, from my opinion, i think jogoya standard is decrease compare to last 1st time go is still quite nice, but then 2nd third time so lousy edi...
    haha, shenji seldom ffk me gua...