Saturday, April 17, 2010

Week 1, 9th April

There are 2 PMs to do today, emergency diesel generator panel and fire diesel engine battery. For EDG, I and Mr. Tan do the visual inspection general cleaning and local panel battery inspection.

For diesel engine battery, we also do the same procedure. Besides that, we are required to take the reading for SG and voltage of the battery. The total voltage for a battery bank is around 24-27V.

In the evening, Mr. Sharif, supervisor of ECNI department, asked us to the control room to show how to switch on the water pump. Circuit breaker SF6 is used for 6.6kV and 415V circuit. When an accident occurred, circuit breaker is used to break the circuit.

The function of a differentiator of current is to check then three phases current is balanced or not. If it is not balance, it will sense by the current differentiator and circuit tripping will occurred.

The pump 1A is tested at the evening. Free running testing is used and after no error occurred, the connection with the shaft is connected and another testing is done. The vibration for the water pump after the repair had reduced.

Jockey pump

Diesel pump

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