Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week 3, 23rd April

Today, i have also been exposed to a new task, which is unloading. Unloading in power plant means to fill up the distillate that have been used for power generation purpose and the minimum level of the distillate storage in the tank must be 70 % from the maximum. The tanker will come to the power station and the distillate will have to be checked before it's being filled.

For my first time, i have the chance to have a close look about the tanker and finally i know the tanker is not what i think all the time. The big tank is actually divide it into a few compartment and then i climb up top to take a look for every compartment. The sample of every compartment will be taken in which will used to determine the purity and density of it.

As the unloading process was going, i was being explained by the person in charge to know further about the machine that we will use for the whole process.

The worker is unlocking the lock

Abang Yukaimi is taking the sample of distillate oil for every compartment

The purity and density of distillate oil is being tested for every compartment

The unloading of distillate oil starts

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