Friday, April 16, 2010

Week 1, 5th April

I were required to report at power plant at 8am. 4 new trainees including me were welcomed by Pn. Senah who works in Administration and Finance Department. She gave us a brief introduction about the power plant and what should we need to fulfill as a trainee during the internship period.

At 9.30am, we were asked to attend a daily meeting at the conference room. During the meeting, Mr. Suhaili, safety and security manager, briefed us about safety and precautions inside the power plant. After that, Mr. Baharim introduces us the organization by drawing out the organizational chart of this power plant.

We were told that safety boot and helmet is a must before entering the field site. We must obtain Permit to Work to start any kind of task. If we wish to enter the power plant after the working hours, permission is required. Emergency Assembly Area is where we gather when emergency alarm sounds. The area includes volleyball field as premier assembly area, and parking area which becomes the reserved one.

After the meeting, I reported to my mentor, Mr. Baharim and was given a schedule for my industrial training period. I was directed to Mr. Sridaran, ECNI engineer and he bring me to walk around the power plant to have a better understanding about the plant.

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