Thursday, May 27, 2010

Week 8, 24th May

I will be in the operation section for the next three weeks. As I just joined the operation section, abang Fadli, senior block operator, explained to me the importance of the operation section as they monitor the plant’s operation.

At around 11am, steam turbine trip suddenly due to loss of instrument pressure. Abang Halim, shift charge engineer (SCE), informed National Load Dispatch Center (NLDC) due to full block trip. Then, he informed ECNI technician to identify the problem. After checking the tube of instrument air that found no leaking, they focus on the air compressor. It is found that the instrument air compressor 1B air separator broken.

After identify the problem, the start up of GT1 begin then ST and GT2. At around 5pm, the SCE declare to NLDC that load back to maximum that is 322MW.

The instrument air compressor 1B that make the steam turbine tripped due to loss of pressure

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