Wednesday, May 26, 2010

outage, 15th May

The outage started from 12am Saturday. All the preparation had been done and the operation team had get permission from NLDC (National Load Dispatch Center) prior shutdown.

After shutdown, the maintenance outage is started. The preventative maintenance that I followed were carbon brush inspection, field breaker maintenance, 52G inspection, exciter inspection, interposing relay panel inspection, protection relay inspection and testing of all DC motors for GT1 , GT2 and ST. as the time is limited, a;; the inspection need to finish it as soon as possible.

For the corrective maintenance, abang Fadzli and abang Razak changed the defect contactor for circulating water pump panel box.

For the plant improvement, the plant had hired the contractor to upgrade the primary injection of 190 feeder PT and CT and the overcurrent and earth fault relays for station board 2. These works are all included in electrical section works.

For the mechanical parts, I participated in the circulating water pump rotary drum screen pit preventative maintenance. A stop block pathway is put to prevent the seawater flow into the drum screen pit. The cleaning process begins with pull up the primary drum screen and cleans it. Then the pit contractor will climb down the pit to clean up the trashes that sink in the pit.

A dry type transformer

A rectifier

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