Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week 4, 30th April

In the morning, I followed abang Azim to do the Gas Chromatography (NGC) monthly inspection and calibration preventative maintenance. There are 4 parts in this inspection, which is visual inspection, current measurement, calibration procedure and calibration result.

For the visual inspection, we need to check the cleanliness and physical connection of tubing and cables.
For the current measurement status, we need to note down the sample pressure, un-normalized value and superior (dry) current value.
For the calibration process, manually run STREAM 4 and STREAM 1. Then view the chromatography for STREAM 4. There are 7 peak values for chrom-1 and 5 peak values for chrom-2.
For the calibration result on STREAM 4, we need to note down all the components value in the gas. The components are ethane, propane, carbon dioxide, methane and etc.

In the evening, all of the staffs required to attend the knowledge sharing session. En. Azizul, IT executive, provide a talk about the new ICT password policy. It is stated that the password must be changed after 6 months or 180 days of usage. Then, it is the turn for En. Sharif, supervisor for electrical department, gives a talk about steam turbine power distribution system.

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