Friday, June 18, 2010

Week 10, 10th June

As the process of turbine start up includes torque converter, I had been asked to find out the function of torque converter.

The heart of Voiths’ hydrodynamic torque converter is its hydraulic circuit; consisting of a pump, turbine, and a guide wheel with adjustable guide vanes. This is combined in a common housing filled with hydraulic oil.

The mechanical energy of the motor is converted into hydraulic energy through the pump wheel. In the turbine wheel the same hydraulic energy is converted back into mechanical energy and transmitted to the gas turbine/generator shaft.

The adjustable vanes of the guide wheel regulate the mass flow in the circuit. At closed guide vanes (small mass flow) the power transmission is at its minimum. With the guide vanes completely open (large mass flow), the power transmission is at its maximum.

Basic design hydrodynamic torque converter

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