Thursday, May 21, 2009

My 'Old" Fren...

haha, taking photo at bumbu bali, so many ppl on tat dat, zzz
wow, today actually quite happy, meet up wif a 'old' fren at puchong, dun angry becoz i call u 'old' ya...

this 'old' fren not reli old, younger than me by 1 year, haha, tat mean i m older edi...T.T

she juz finish exam, i got free time as well, so v juz decide to meet up today to hav a dinner together...

she quite blur, even forget wat time is her exam is, haha, but good also la, liddat u can hav whole evening to rest be4 our dinner date...

having dinner at bumbu bali, so long time didnt eat at there edi, last time the environment is so nice, but this time becoz of upstair is having renovation, v r 'force' to sit at downstair that make my mood dwn a little bit coz of the hotness....

haha, nvm la, got u accompany then better edi, :)

k la, eating those thing no need say edi, eating + chatting = 90mins...then u gonna go watch movie edi...sad sad...

haha, if got chance(haha, sure got de), meet again next time ya..


  1. If that old friend is a male , will you still go and say "hello" in the first place ? hahaha

  2. zzz, of coz la, say hello oni ma..
    haha, but depend how close i wif him last time, if not close, smile enuff...:)

  3. haha i agree with Jason! The way u wrote it for "her" is different if u gonna write for someone so called as "him"

  4. erm, wrong wrong, if is 'him', i dun think i will write either..haha