Thursday, May 28, 2009

A miX FeeLing Day

erm, wat had expected reli will be wat u get, dun hope so much when u edi know u done bad..T.T

haha, but it is better than expectation edi, cant hope so much, juz tat in my heart, beside dissapointed, cant find another word to describe, mebe bleeding also can...:(

lolz, it is so funny when the person i help so much get higher marks than me, wat to do, she more hardworking...

haha, mebe her wallet will be bleeding soon, coz she said among her jimui 'who get the highest marks need treat others', summore is saying from her mouth, make me laugh oni...

but this time, my pressing calculator 'error' occured again, i reli 'pui fu' my ability on making such mistake...haha..

anyway, this edi passed, no point think so much n regret for the things tat will nvr cum lets gambatek for final ba, hope hav a good ending..:)


  1. Life is a long journey to go . Calculator error is just morning-teeth brushing routine.

  2. lolz, not the 1st time, can brush till my teeth cacat edi...T.T