Thursday, June 11, 2009

END of 'SPECIAL' sem

Haha, it is so relax after the POM test, POM is a damn suffering subject, memorize till my head burst...1st time got such problem, last time 3subs in 2days also dun hav such problem, juz becoz of POM, u make me suffer like a dumb...i feel my mind blank edi, coz all the things tat i had memorize can throw to the rubbish basket edi...

Actually wed finish exam edi, juz tat lazy update it, haha, coz after exam, dota then gym, after tat at nite go find fren for movie n shopping...Haha, full of enjoying moment rite??

This SPECIAL sem can be consider as the sem tat i enjoy the most, y? I think most of my fren think becoz of can play so much..Erm, mebe this is 1 of the reason, but for me, this sem, i enjoy becoz i reli get to learn a lot of new things thanks to my frens....

What i had learn?? Not sure also, juz tat feel myself had becum a better person than be4...Haha, determination n the way i talk gua, i think reli becum better compare to last sem...

Lets say determination 1st. As a person on diet, determination is the most important part coz without it, all the effort will gone. From the start of the sem, the determination for me to diet is so strong till i had edi plan the exercise time for myself. Monday tuesday n friday are the time i swim, tue n wed are gym time, although now go more to gym edi.

Haha, swimming is a exercise that make u relax, make u concentrate on ur target, built ur body shape...Everytime before i swim, i will set a target how much distance i will be pushing for, from the start sem of 1.5km, till the end sem of 3km. When i 1st time push till 3km, i cant believe i reli done it until the 2nd time i successfully done it again. Wow, incredible rite? But 1 thing not good is my whole body becum too dark except butt, coz i swim at 5-7pm section, hot weather tat time.

Gym, haha, the time i go for gym this sem is more than my 3years life at uniten. Last time go gym also play play, now is the serious time, coz i got ppl to learn wif, no need say u also know is who la, the one that want to do six pack this holiday lo...Haha, v waiting for our free drinks after the holiday.

My opinion on the sub i take this sem, overall is still managable. BM, most senang sub in special sem, juz need presenting and a project, thx to jinhern, monica and jazreel, nice to work wif u all. POM, thx to jason for letting me copy quiz n test, haha, sounds so bad, but everyone also doing liddat, so no need feel guilty. ECON, whole sem in the class juz bullshit wif isaac, kaisien, bryan and houwen, totally didnt listen to lecturer. But compare to POM, POM worst 100times more tan ECON. I feel pity to POM lecturer, coz whole class doing ownself things during the lecture, nobody listen to him, he still can teach till so high. =.=!!!

Haha, lazy type edi, although still got a lot things wanna share it out, but i scare will be kena bomb gaogao, so better keep it ba. Lastly, wish everyone happy holiday, bye.


  1. Ehmm ehmm ... I don't think I will have chance to belanja

  2. wad course r u taking?

  3. haha
    i oso know u better this sem...

  4. jingyi, electrical engineering, but taking those sub tat totally not related this sem...

    keng, me too, now oni feel u r so funny, nice to communicate wif...